Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mystery package from MINI has arrived! =)

The other day, I've received a mysterious package from MINI! What a pleasant surprise! (well.. I was actually waiting for something to arrive as that's what other owners were saying!) It was what seems like a black cotton back wrapped in vinyl with stencil style MINI Cooper S hardtop graphics throughout. There is definitely something inside the bag... What is it? Let the drum-roll begin!
Well... actually nothing too special. The items in the package include a journal, give-away MINI motoring cards, a pen, a mouse pad, MINI magazine, and a smilely antenna ball!

I like the mouse pad even though my laser mouse doesn't need one. MINI Journal can be useful. Give-away MINI motoring cards? nifty idea but not too useful - but I can use the vinyl case it came with as business card holder! MINI branded pen is.. well a pen, but they really can use a better designed pen. The magazine? I just received one already.. there must be a communication error within MINI? =p Lastly, the bag. I will have to use sanitize wipe to clean the vinyl wrap first before use as it's now flipped inside-out. 

While I'd much have preferred something like carwash kit (I've heard MINI did that already though in previous years) I do appreciate this little 'owner's kit' gift from MINI. It is no-brainer type of marketing ploy as a good follow up that puts small smile to customers and is a pleasant surprise.

MINI isn't the only one doing this kind of marketing, however. I have received something similar before from VW - It was a carwash mitten that I still use when I wash my GTI!


  1. Nothing impressive was in it.

  2. I got a little box with a collection of MINI promotional and support materials included. The most useful was the MINI journal, ready to record MOTORING history, and a pen to use when recording. More from BMW marketing...

  3. I use my pen at work. I had a couple of co-works that have tryed to "borrow" it. Might have to take it back home.

  4. What, you didn't run right out and put the yellow happy face ball on your antenna???

  5. My package came with a 1G flashdrive instead of the business card thingy. More useful for sure. I wasn't expecting this so definitely a thoughtful thing to do. Thanks Mini!
    Sebastian in Salt lake city